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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trine 2 Game Review for PC

How about playing a fairy tale? About each game set in a fantastic environment tries to answer this question, but few really succeed. They all stuck in statistics, messages forced, “realism”, claims to maturity and other details that do not make sense in a fairy tale. But there are games that did not have these problems, Trine 2 being one of them. I think I could say the same thing about its predecessor, but my memories of a cluster between rats played demo of Drakensang The Dark Eye is very fluffy, possibly in bloom, though I use TDE was about to expire. What I can remember was a colored games, with a narrator, a thief dressed in a white very impractical, a wizard he was sleeping more and a very sharp-witted warrior not. I remember the puzzles that are used in physics, a pleasant atmosphere and burning of savannah in a failed attempt to write my name in fire. Although it is possible that the last was in Far Cry 2. In memory of a few hours of Trine 2 something fresh in my mind, I try to tell this tale.


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